ISA World Paddle Surfing Championship starts with more than 400 athletes chasing the waves

Release date: 2018-11-30
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China New Network Wanning November 23(Lin Biao) The 9th Wanning International Surfing Competition in 2018 opened in Wanning, Hainan on the 23rd. Among them, the 10-day International Surfing Association(ISA) World Paddle Surfing Championship starts on the same day. More than 400 athletes from 40 countries and regions will be chasing the waves, including 20 Chinese players.

The ISA World Paddle Surfing Championship is a high-specification paddle-board surfing tournament. According to the competition system, men and women are divided into 12 groups. After the resurrection and semi-finals, they finally competed for the finals championship. The competition is strictly required by the Olympic Committee's competition rules, and the "International Anti-Doping Regulations" will be added to the surfing competition.

ISA world paddle board surfing championship Hainan kaikai. Lin Biao took the ISA World Paddle Surfing Championship Hainan Kasai. Lin Biao

Robert, chief executive of ISA International Surfing Association, said that Wanning Sun Moon Bay is one of the best surfing places in China. After many years of development, Hainan Wanning has become a new position for surfing and the International Surfing Association. Surfers from all over the world compete here, gain friendship, and show the world the charm and style of surfing.

The 12-year-old Shanghai pointed to the light boat team member Mi Jiazhen is the youngest Chinese player. In her opinion, participating in this competition is a very good exercise opportunity. "The top players of the world's paddle-board surfing are here to exchange studies, learn them, and improve my own medals and surfing ability. "

Wanning Party Committee Secretary Zhangmeiwen said at the opening ceremony that the construction of the Wanning Surfing National Team Training Base has come to an end. After the base is completed, it will undertake the training of surfing sports teams and the selection of cross-border talents. At present, there are 17 surfing provincial teams in the country that have conducted training in Sun-Moon Bay in Wanning.

The 9th Wanning International Surfing Competition in 2018 lasted until December 28th. The events included the ISA World Paddle Surfing Championship, the 2018 Second Chinese College Student Paddle Race Challenge, the 2018 National Surfing Championship, and the 2018 National Youth Surfing Championships. Surfing U Series Events(Wanning Station) and 2018 National Surfing Championships.

The 9th Wanning International Surfing Competition opened in Wanning, Hainan in 2018. Lin Biao took the 9th Wanning International Surfing Competition in 2018 and opened in Wanning, Hainan. Lin Biao

During the event, the 5th International Surfing City Development Forum in 2018 will also be held to invite domestic and foreign surfing professionals to provide suggestions on topics such as tourism destination development and surfing brand development. In addition, Wanning Surfing Resort, surfing brand display, calligraphy performances and many other surfing carnival activities will be carried out one after another.

The competition was sponsored by the International Surfing Association(ISA), the National Sports Administration Water Sports Management Center, Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism and Culture, Radio and Television Sports, and the People's Government of Wanning City. (finished)

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