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Service Commitment

Product and battery are guaranteed for 3 months

Return and Replacement

Within 7 working days from the date of signing and receiving the product (the date of receipt on the waybill shall prevail), the request for return or replacement of product can be made.


1.Product that meets the following requirements can be returned

●Not used and does not affect the second sale

●Evident defect

●Quality problems caused by non-human factors after a replacement

2. Product that meets the following requirements can be replaced. 

●When there is a courier present, customer unpacks and finds that the product has been damaged in transit.

●The product received does not correspond to the description(e.g. color, shape)

●When the product is unpacked, it can not be powered on normally according to the manual or under the guidance of technicians, or any quality defects.

3. We have the right to reject the return or replacement request of customer in the following circumstances

●The product has been damaged, but customer does not require the courier to record and process the issue on the spot at the time of receipt.

●Requirements for return or replacement are made after 7 days(from the date of receiving)

●Incomplete return and replacement, including the main product, components, packaging, accessories, gifts, instructions, etc., or damaged appearance caused by human factors

●Customer cannot provide legal purchase documents, or who forges, alters the purchase document when returning or exchanging.

●The product is inspected and confirmed by the technical support department that there is no defect. (except unused one)

●Collisions caused by non-defect as well as quality problems caused by artificial dismantling and repairing without permission, foreign material (oil, sand, etc.), incorrect installation, problems caused by non-compliance with instructions.

●The label, serial number, waterproof label, anti-counterfeiting label, etc. are torn or altered.

●Products damaged by unavoidable factors such as fire, traffic accidents and other irresistible forces.

4. Return and Replace Notice

●Refund: 3-7 working days after receiving the product

●If it meets the replacement requirements, only the defective parts shall be done.


FZBlue promises to provide free commodity warranty service within the valid warranty period (different parts of the product may have different warranty periods, see the appendix list) from the date of the sale (receiving  and signing the waybill). Customers do not need to pay the diagnose fee, labor fee, replaced spare parts fee, test charge and the shipping cost after repairing (customers shall pay the shipping cost of the replacement which is from the local to our company). Please contact customer service of FZBlue directly.

1. Free warranty service must meet the following requirements

●Non-artificial performance failure in normal use during the warranty period

●No unauthorized disassembling, no unofficial instructions for disassembling, other non-human-caused failures

●Provide valid purchase document, receipt and order number

2. Free warranty service is not available in the following circumstances

●Collision accidents caused by man-made quality problems

●Damage caused by unauthorized disassembling without the guidance of official instructions

●Damage caused by incorrect installation and operation without the guidance of official instructions

●Damage caused by unauthorized circuit modification, improper matching of batteries and chargers without the guidance of official instructions 

●Damage caused by all driving actions that do not follow the instructions

●Damage caused by an overloaded drive

●Damage caused by forced driving in case of aging or damage of components.

3. Warranty Notice

Customers have to pay their own shipping cost to send back the defective products. The after-sales service center of FZBlue will diagnose the faults to determine the problems and responsibilities after receiving the defective products. If the result is a kind of manufacturing defective problem, FZBlue will be responsible for the diagnosis fee, material fee, labor fee and the shipping cost which is from the company to the customers after repairing.

●If the product does not meet the requirement of free maintenance after diagnosis, it will be repaired by paying or sent back after the negotiated answer of the customer.

●If the problem is not covered by the warranty or is caused by human factors, we will charge the diagnosis fee, replacement parts fee, testing fee and labor fee according to the feature of the issue.

●Please call FZBlue after-sales service center for complete maintenance process and records.

Shipping Cost

●The shipping cost of the return of the non-defective product will be afforded by buyers.

●The shipping cost of the return of the defective product will be afforded by FZBlue.

●The shipping cost of the return should be paid in advance by the buyer. If it is determined to be our responsibility later, we will refund the cost.

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